After many years situated in busy office and studio environments, I now adopt a ‘best of both worlds’ approach – mainly working remotely but at client offices whenever needed.

I have honestly¬†never had a scenario where my working remotely has caused a problem. Is this because working remotely can’t cause issues? Of course not. It’s because effective remote working, like all collaborative work, requires clear communication, good organisation, transparency and accountability. Digital projects are never delivered individually. I strongly believe that a successful project outcome¬†is achieved through effective collaboration – whether the collaborators are sat in the same building or on opposite sides of the planet.

Digital collaborative tools are often amongst the smartest web services available but ultimately it’s how they’re used that makes a difference. It doesn’t really matter which tools are used – just so long as they work for everyone involved.
These are some of the methods and tools that I use for effective collaboration:

  • Communication

    Phone. Email. IM. Conf-calls. Face-to-face catch-ups. Client meetings. Everything depends on good communication.

  • Design tools

    Digital designs, distributed, reviewed and iterated however works best – whether as annotated PDFs, InVision comments or real-time collab using Figma.

  • Slack

    As if we’re sat next to each other – but without the distractions. Quick chat, file-sharing, notifications, nudges and much more.

  • Organisation

    Trello, Basecamp, Kanban, whatever. We all need to know who’s doing what and when they’re doing it.

  • File sharing

    Email attachments are a thing of the past. I expect to keep files and resources centralised for easier access, better visibility and improved control.

  • Code and issue tracking

    Whether it’s Github, Gitlab or JIRA, I’m thoroughly ‘repo friendly’ so issues really won’t be an issue.

  • Conference calling

    Ongoing sharing and collaborating is great but a multi-person conference call is perfect for quick reviews or milestone moments.

  • Coding

    Working across multiple dev environments, build processes or continuous testing, I can plugin wherever you give me the permission or hooks to do so.

Let's work together

Great project outcomes depend on many variables but the most impacting is often how effectively the people involved work together. Remote working isn’t right for all projects or organisations, but in most cases can bring many benefits to a project.

I work hard to choose the right projects, adopt the best practices to work effectively with everyone involved and ensure that the project outcome is successful. If you’d like to work with me, then get in touch to discuss how we can work together.