Recent project outputs and social content related to my UX, Interaction Design, Data Visualisation and Digital Sociology activities.

Inspired by someone’s comment that “their code of ethics wouldn’t even fit on a rizla”... wouldn’t it be a nice objective for all companies to have a code of ethics or T&Cs that DO fit on a rizla? #digitalsociology

I haven’t read the paper yet but this coverage of algorithmic discrimination is so important. Without greater understanding and transparency of algorithmic decisioning systems, we have no chance of actual accountability.

An interesting day of self-reflection regarding digitised life... after only 24 hours, I'm already loving my new robot vacuum. I always said I'd never have a (human) cleaner but apparently I'm OK with robots doing the jobs I don't want to? Is that OK? Where does that end?

An excellent and tangible explanation of how Facebook pages about cute dogs or God are being used to manipulate our supposed democracy through strategic Facebook campaigns, only affordable by the powerful self-serving elite. #popularinfo

Counting down the days to dissertation deadline and today's version suffix "_190821a" takes me to 31 saved copies so far. 🤪

@sketch The keyboard shortcut changes to Move Forward/Backward + Front/Back are killing me! Every time I use the old ones I nudge my components out of line. Is there no way to change back? The square bracket versions are so much further away too. 😢

Can our requirement to consume data through visualisation help improve our understanding of data in modern society? If you're engaged in data visualisation, please help my research by taking this short survey. #dataviz #datavisualization #research

I'm currently working on my final Masters dissertation which explores whether data visualisation can improve our understanding of datafication. Read more about it and how you can help. #dataviz #datavisualization #BigData #digitalsociology

Well played Amazon. Another example of how to get in the door by apparently maintaining individual privacy whilst maximising commercial opportunity from the aggregate data. #datafication

I love the design and dataviz thinking in Susie Lu's reworking of an information format that we take for granted due to its almost globally consistent format. Reviziting the Receipt by @DataToViz

Can't believe how late I am watching this but I don't mind admitting it because everyone should read and watch it. It's never too late. The same thing I say to people who think there's no point in standing against social media.

Lovely data visualisation with great content. What's not to love? (Other than the fact that you're about to get distracted by what you were supposed to be doing whilst putting together a Spotify playlist!) #dataviz

My article got picked up by the curators and deemed of suitable quality to sit within the subscriber content, so for friends who are non-subscribers, by all means use this link instead.

Following on from a short recent project using the GOV.UK Prototype Kit, I wrote an article providing guidance to enable designers new to prototyping to understand and get started with SASS. #sass #prototyping #gds #design

12.5hrs of workshops in 2 days was an “in at the deep end” introduction to my first experience as classroom assistant on an MA module but I enjoyed it and I think it went well.

Highlighting the complex design considerations of even seemingly straightforward data visualisation, I was surprised to see this #dataviz article describe data literacy growth climbing but visualise it as a downward trend!

As an environmentalist and a cyclist I'm not generally into cars but as a boy of the '80s and a designer it's hard not to admire the iconic Porsche 911. Surely the greatest example of iterative design. #design #designicon

Seeing as many people think they are searching the internet rather than Google's algorithmic representation of the internet, maybe #Google could start by being transparent about their search results rather than killing off the URL? #digitalsociology

Sometimes the ⁦@guardian⁩ publish a story that on its own justifies my subscription. This article utterly reflects my own realisation and internal-wrangling during my recent academic studies. It’s a long but essential read. #digitalsociology

Having fully converted to @DuckDuckGo about a month ago as part of my de-googlification process, my only disappointment is that there’s no verb form of DuckDuckGo! When I hear “Just Google it” I want to say “No, I’ll DuckDuckGo it” but that doesn’t really work!

Frustrating as it is from a digital sociology research perspective, I’ve removed Facebook and Messenger from all my mobile devices. Maybe it’s just “end of year reflection” but today I feel like the privacy/control concerns outweigh any occasional benefits. #facebook

Excellent podcast discussing issues such as ownership of academic (meta)data in networks which academics are increasingly required to engage in, yet are often private, commercially motivated organisations. #digitalsociology #data #academia

Why isn’t there a native gesture in iOS to undo the previous action? The @Procreate app is so good at this that I find myself trying to undo things in other apps by two-finger double tapping! #iOS #ux #design #usability

The interesting thing for me is not why people ask these questions, but how Google choose to answer them. I suspect Google has enough data about most of us to know if we’re liked, are “good in bed” or might get rich/thin. #digitalsociology #bigdata

Great #dataviz exploring the number of refugees and asylum seekers across the EU. It demonstrates the low numbers the UK have actually taken compared to other countries (in stark contrast to the brexit narrative). #datavisualisation #RefugeesWelcome

Reading up on regression analysis on a packed train. I’m thinking I might have to test out my learning by predicting the optimal number of carriages for the morning TransPennine service from Hudds to Man Pic. Hint: It’s more than 3. #digitalsociology #spss #statistics

A(nother) brilliant podcast from ⁦@datastories⁩. Such an accessible and enjoyable discussion about cognitive bias, just as relevant to designers and researchers as it is to data visualisers. #dataviz #ux #design #research

This year's shortlist for the Information is Beautiful Awards is amazing. So much creativity, variety, technical ability, design talent, effective communication and necessary topics. Invest some time in each one. @infobeautyaward #dataviz

Intriguing article (relating to recent studying on selfies) about the bizarrely common habit of posting the same picture on Instagram every day. The excitement of banality? #digidentities #digitalsociology

Excited about digging into this eBay bargain, really an essential read with either my design or dataviz hat on. Visual Language For Designers by Connie Malamed. #dataviz #design

With users increasingly understanding ‘private mode’ in modern browsers, why don’t Facebook use the same analogy to offer a toggleable mode for discreet Facebook activity? They could still collect data but enable peer-to-peer privacy/anonymity/pseudonymity? #digidentities

Finally watched Ready Player One. Really enjoyed it and agree with this Guardian article that compare to The Matrix it offers a more positive (if slightly simplistic) vision of what VR could be in future. #digidentities

Been driving myself nuts on a long cycle home trying to understand why I never noticed that Linux/OSX ‘sudo’ sounds and acts like ‘pseudo’, yet that’s never mentioned anywhere! #linux #mac #cyclecommute

On Facebook, nobody knows you’re a dog. (A little updated homage to a digital sociology classic). Disclaimer: tracing was involved. #digidentities #digitalsociology #newyorker #procreate

Feeling like a real data statistician/analyst now that I have SPSS on my Mac. I’m sure it’s not cool to be excited about a number-crunching tool that seems to make academics to groan! #spss #statistics #digitalsociology

Wow. Spent the last couple of days doing a portfolio PDF for the first time in over 10 years. I've barely scratched the surface and am already at 13 pages and nearly 20MB compressed, so I'm drawing a line for now! (no pun intended) #ux #ui #freelancers

Wow. Things you didn't know you didn't know about your own process... For ages I've been using a convoluted copy/paste to use Font Awesome icons in Sketch. Turns out you can just set the font then type the icon name as the text. @sketchapp @fontawesome

I love that there are designers who care enough to write at length about the design history and rationale of something as invisible yet fundamentally crucial as the phone keypad layout. Excellent reading.

Amazing article about the social credit system in China. Any feeling of the impressive sci-fi-like technical achievement is immediately overwhelmed by the utterly chilling, frightening sense of societal control and surveillance.

RT @AnyChart: Five @Reuters reporters discuss — in an awesome interactive #storytelling format with #charts — what has changed since the #L…