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17th March 2023

(Updated 20th September 2023)

Visualising the winners of cycling's Grand Tours

The 'Grand Tour' races of France, Italy and Spain are road cycling's biggest races – to win one being the pinnacle of a professional cyclist's career. Every individual win recognises the strongest rider at that edition of the race, but how do winners compare across the years?

Tour de France

Held every July, the Tour de France is the oldest and best-known cycling race – with iconic mountain stages in the Alps and Pyrenees and a finale on the Champs d'Elysee.

  • Unique winners: 64 (from 109 races)
  • Most wins: 5 (Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, Eddy Merckx)
  • Most stages won: 8 (Eddy Mercx, 1970 & 1974)
  • Biggest winning margin: 2hr 59m 21s (Maurice Garin, 1903)
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Giro d'Italia

Held every May, the Giro is often regarded as the toughest Grand Tour due to the savage Italian mountains and that it comes earlier in the cycling season.

  • Unique winners: 70 (from 105 races)
  • Most wins: 5 (Alfredo Binda, Fausto Coppi, Eddy Merckx)
  • Most stages won: 12 (Alfredo Binda, 1927)
  • Biggest winning margin: 1h 57m 26s (Alfonso Calzolari, 1914)
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Vuelta de España

Held every September, the Vuelta has less prestige than it's French and Italian peers, yet can be the most open race as it comes late in the season when the weather and rider fitness can be less consistent.

  • Unique winners: 62 (from 78 races)
  • Most wins: 4 (Roberto Heras)
  • Most stages won: 13 (Freddy Maertens, 1977)
  • Biggest winning margin: 0h 30m 08s (Delio Rodríguez, 1945)
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