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Ben Childs

Digital designer and data visualiser

20th Sep: Currently focussing on...Automating design system workflows and learning Python for data visualisation on DataCamp

Hello. I'm Ben.

I'm an experienced digital designer and occasional data visualiser. I've written or created a lot of stuff in over 25 years designing and thinking about digital things. Very little of it is on this site.
  • Visualising the winners of cycling's Grand Tours

    A comparison of road cycling's three big race winners since 1903.

    17th March 2023
    (Updated 20th September 2023)
  • Digital identity and the quantified-self

    Considering how a digital identity is constructed on Strava through the continual act of uploading representations of physical activities.

    12th November 2018
    (Updated 13th November 2018)
  • What if data had a half-life?

    Increasingly, data is never deleted but maybe it should diminish over time, and perhaps in doing so could generate new insights, better product engagement and increased ad revenues.

    6th June 2018

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